Pulverizing Peanuts!!!

Look at those deliciously pulverized peanuts!!! If that description sounds violent, it’s because it was. Have you ever learned about the ancient wine-making process, where people stomped on grapes all day  till the roads looked like rivers of blood? Well… this process is entirely different… but those peanuts still went through a lot.

First, they were ripped out of the comfort of their little pods.

Then, their bare backs were roasted at 350 degrees for 3-5 minutes before being poured into… the blender. (Dun dun dunnn). Our sources told us that a food processor works best, but that a blender could work, too. Good thing my Grammy gave us this power horse! It got a little hot, but after a couple minutes the peanuts were powder… But not peanut butter.. Apparently, a little oil will help get the creaming started, so we added a couple teaspoons of canola. That did the trick! Soon, we added the other ingredients- 1-1/2 teaspoons of molasses and 1 teaspoon of salt.

And got this! It’s strangely lighter in color than normal peanut butter, which makes me wonder what exactly they do to it! (Don’t worry, we will still buy it from the store too- the price isn’t much different from the normal kind at all. BUT it is probably 5x cheaper than the “natural” variety, and tastes so much more like peanut than sugar and other flavors. 🙂
 After tasting his raspberry jam and peanut butter sandwich, Casey (I quote)
“was scared at how good it was.”

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