Spring is Closer Than You Think

Right now it is 15 degrees outside, and we have gotten about a foot of snow in the last twenty-four hours, so I thought I would try to think of the hope that Spring brings. More importantly, I thought I would reflect on how Spring is actually sneaking up on us pretty quickly! Even typing that brought a smile to my face!

You don’t believe me? You want proof that winter is about to die! Writing that brought a smile to my face too! Winter is about to die! This is fun! Somehow, we are already almost halfway through February. The worst is behind us. Sure, winter will probably pitch a few more storms and cold spells our way, but those are death throes!

To put this matter into the perspective of the Hust Roost, we have already ordered our fruit trees, seeds, and bees for the spring. We are about to start planting seeds indoors under the fluorescent lights, we are picking out an incubator to hatch chicks this spring, and chances are strong that we will be tapping maple trees within a month. This last one is particularly exciting in this context because that means that it is warm enough for the sap to be running! Warm enough means that it is getting above freezing almost every day, and right now, that sounds pretty good.

So hunker down for a few more weeks, and don’t lose hope! Every day gets a little bit longer, and before you know it, we will all be back outside doing activities besides shoveling and plowing. Your fingers will be able to enjoy prolonged stretches of time out there while maintaining the ability to move and feel! Green things will start growing again, and then it will get too hot and they will turn brown! The cycle continues, and we are on the upswing!

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