What We Are Working On Now

The weather is starting to heat up, and so are the happenings at the Hust Roost. Here is what we have been up to/will be up to in the immediate future:

1) In less than 4 weeks, the young couples (Casey and Rachel, Tom and Hannah) will be moving down! We have been moving stuff a little bit at a time, and now we are in the nice position of not having a ton of work to do come our actual move down date. We have been doing, and will continue to do, work on our living arrangements to get them ready for us. It might be a little while before everything is completed on the home front, but we are about set on what has to be done to give us a livable place to dwell.

2) Collecting sap. Boiling sap. Collecting sap. Boiling sap. Collecting sap. Wait for it…. and boiling sap! We are now towards the end of maple season, and we have boiled gallons upon gallons of sap. It looks like, when it is all said and done, we will have around 5 gallons of maple syrup. Oh, and lots of good memories of collecting sap and boiling sap to hold us over until next year. Really though, it was pretty fun.

3) We have chicks set to hatch on Friday! Thus far, 36 of the 41 eggs we put in the incubator are still doing well (you can see the chicks, which are almost full grown at this point, moving around inside the eggs when you candle them). We built a brooder for them, and look forward to watching them hatch. We took bets on how many chicks we would get out of the 41 eggs. Right now, I am pretty happy with my guess (33).

4) This upcoming weekend we will be digging the holes to put our fruit trees in the ground. We will have 21 fruit trees to plant the following weekend after that. Not too long after that, we will be planting our other fruit that has been ordered and is coming, including blueberries, grapes, strawberries, and raspberries.

5) Speaking of planting things, our indoor growing season is well underway. Our basement setup has much green growing, and there is more to plant down there in the coming weeks. Come the end of April, we will be putting some of the frost hardy vegetables and herbs in the ground.

6) After we get the fruit trees in the ground, our next pressing matter is to prepare for our goats. They are moving to the Hust Roost very shortly after we do. We already have a structure for them, we just need to throw up some temporary walls for them until we can make it a more long-term goat barn this summer.

7) Over the past couple of weeks we have registered as a business and been working on all of the necessary parts of doing so, such as having a clip in the Newspaper! We still have a couple of things to do to finish up setting up the business, but for the most part, we are official. Hust Roost Farm, LLC has even already started getting junk mail! Woohoo!

These are busy times, but we are very excited people. After much planning and winter dormancy, the Hust Roost is ready to officially begin.

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  1. Love this!!! So happy for you guys!! This is an awesome adventure!!
    Can’t wait to be a regular customer at Hust Roost Farm!

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