Let There Be Fruit!

P1070574 In the beginning it was just a yard of grass. But, in our dreams it was a blossoming orchard. To accomplish this dream, we dragged our pick axes, shovels, and auger (our brand new and shiny auger) out to the yard with the idea that we could dig those 21 holes. Our land has a history of being rocky. Nonetheless by scoop, swing, and twist we began our digging adventure. Rock by rock, inch by fatiguing inch our backs toiled away on that cool afternoon. At last, we  completed 13 holes and our vision for an orchard began to seem more solid. The next day, we completed the other 7 holes (one of our tree sites was frozen solid, and was unworkable).P1070514 Casey and I returned to the farm the following weekend (the weekend of his birthday). We had a simple goal, plant all 21 trees. First, we took each of the trees out of their shipping boxes and placed them in buckets of water to soak. P1070542 Next, the depth of placement of the tree had to be checked. The graph point of the tree must be 2-4 inches above the soil line.

P1070553Then, the hole is filled in layer by layer, taking great care to spread out the roots away from the base of the tree. Hole by hole, we were able to finish the orchard. In 3-5 years with a lot of tender loving care, these sticks will bare copious amounts of peaches, apples, and cherries.


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