The Move

We said goodbye to Rochester on Saturday. After months of planning and preparing, the day finally came when Tom and I (Casey) moved down to the Hust Roost. It felt weird driving down and knowing that we weren’t driving back up, and it feels even weirder this morning as I am always back in Rochester for work on Monday morning.

It isn’t complete down here yet. Rachel and Hannah are in Rochester for two more weeks to finish up school. Tom and I will go back up for their graduation, and then life post-college will officially begin. The Tafts will be living in the back apartment in the white apartment building, and Rachel and I will be living in the upstairs apartment of Grandpa’s house.

The move went well. Since we had been bringing stuff down each weekend, our apartments in Rochester didn’t have a whole lot left in them. The Cannons (Rachel’s parents and her brother Brian), the Curingas (Hannah’s parents and sisters Abigail and Lydia), Dad and Cathy, my mother and her friend Debbie made quick work of packing and we were able to get everything down to Glen Aubrey and in it’s respective home in time for dinner.

Now the work begins. We look forward to transforming the plot of land out back into a thriving homestead and getting to know our community.

One thought on “The Move”

  1. Nice to read your candid report. We are excited to see what the LORD is going to do in all your lives.

    Over and over of late, I keep being shown that section in Mathew 6 where Jesus says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things (provisions for basic life needs) will be given to you. That is a promise from our all-powerful and faithful God and I believe you are seeking to put Him first in your business and families– so as you seek Him, you can be confident that he will provide (And His yoke is easy and His burden is light) –so not to worry! Press On!

    We look forward to seeing you soon! John and Laurie Cannon

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