Living Hope

Well, we’ve already fallen off of the blog-a-week train. There is plenty to blog about at the Hust Roost (stay tuned for the honey harvest, the store floorplan, the summer C.S.A., and the store roof project!). It’s just that the past week has felt different. Our country was shaken, agitated at the very least, by the presidential election. To write a perky post about life-as-normal did not seem quite appropriate, either for myself or for you all reading this. Whether you were shaken by the outcome itself or the ensuing outpouring of conflict and grief (though they say that was mostly my generation) it was not the brightest week.

But perhaps the past week has shown you what it has shown me: that there is still so much Hope to be had.

People may be understandably conflicted, worried, even devastated, over the state of the U.S. but there is so much more to life than what goes on in the oval office of one single country. Life itself is so much more than that.

Life itself, and the miraculous nature of it, has been a source of hope to me this week. Two lives in particular named Shadrach and Wriggley.

Shadrach (black) and Wriggley (grey) our 9-day-old bunnies.

These little bunnies are literal survivors. When found, rejected by their mother, they were nearly frozen to death. But… a few of them wiggled a paw and were whisked inside and put on a heating pad. An hour later, the babes were wriggling around and squeaking for food so I did some quick research, acquired some goats milk (thanks Moy family!), heavy cream, probiotic and an eye dropper, and got to work.

Wriggley drinking down a mixture of goats milk, cream and probiotic.


The great thing about infant rabbits is that they only need to eat twice a day, the milk being so incredibly rich (when fed by the mother they only need to eat once a day!). Still, it is not a hip-hoppity road for the bunnies. They are at risk of aspirating (breathing in the milk), getting dehydrated or constipated, becoming malnourished or getting too hot or cold. But my goodness are the instincts in these things amazing. If too hot or cold, they crawl until they find the right temperature. If they inhale any milk, they sneeze it out with surprising force. They even lick themselves to make themselves go to the bathroom… all from the moment of birth!

Shadrach at 6 days.

And so… by God’s grace… we’ve made it to 10 DAYS OLD. This is an exciting day in development—their eyes will open— a second birth, if you will! They will finally see the world and see us. We’re hoping they become sweet pets that even kids can play with. It is so exciting to think that all of the work may be worth it.

So with everything we do in this life. God says that everything will have a harvest or reward in the end. “Do not become weary in doing good for in due season we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Gal. 6:9) One of God’s absolute attributes is Justice. We may not see His hand creating justice in the visible world, but we can count on Him bringing it in the end. This includes reward for the good but also retribution for all of the evil. All sins will be paid for (either by us or by His Son’s sacrifice if we trust in Him) and all good things will have a “harvest.” It’s all going to be right in the end.

This hope we have is a ”living hope” and “sure hope” not just an “I hope-this-will-happen-hope”. Christ made it so by rising from the dead, proving that He reigns over all, including sin and death. He will prove it again someday!

Pray for these little ones!

Until then, let’s keep hoping! (And may the bunnies keep hopping… sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

4 thoughts on “Living Hope”

  1. Awww, they’re so cute. Are you planning on keeping Shadrach and Wriggley as pets, or are they going to become breeders?

  2. Bri guy!!! Miss you so much and see you in 1 WEEK! …The answer is probably both! Pet privileges but also breeding since we might as well. I sure hope and pray they survive! Wriggley isn’t a very good eater but I think Shadrach will make it. 🙂 Love ya!

  3. This was a great read, Rachel…well written, an excellent interweaving of everyday farm life and scriptural truth to encourage each of us! XOXO

  4. HI Rachel. Just found this and enjoyed reading it and glad to see you “in your element” enjoying the life God has created. A recent patient who is angry at God about his wife dying said God created death. So I have been reflecting on life and death and their origins. Interesting that God so often does not get credit for creating life but is rather given credit for death. Whereas God/Jesus are the Author of life and the redeemer of those that are dead and man is essentially the author of death in Adam (and all of us who followed until we are redeemed and have a chance to be part of the life force). We are looking forward to seeing you and Casey soon! The news said you guys got about the same amount of snow as us….7-8 inches.

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