Quick Pic Update: Windows and Doors

Starting this past fall, we have been working our way around the house replacing or filling in all the old windows of the store that were not in good enough shape to keep. If it was a nice day and we had more than a couple of hours, we would knock off another window. All told, we replaced or filled in 11 windows!

The hardest ones to replace, which are my favorites, are the big picture windows that face the road. We had to special order these, and putting them in required us to largely rebuild the side of the house, which was probably a good thing because the previous picture windows had let some water in and caused some rot.

You can see where the steps led to the old door

The biggest change that we made while doing this was the location of the front door. We filled in the old one that faced the road and put a brand new one on the side of the store that faces the parking area.

Come spring, we will build a deck to reach up to the door and the ice cream window, which is the window just to the left of the ladder

Now that we are done with all of the windows, we plan on wrapping tyvek around the house this weekend, and then we will be done with the exterior until the weather gets better. So for now, we can put our efforts into the inside of the store.
P.S.- If we are lucky , next week’s blog post will be about the birth of the baby goats (with pictures!).

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  1. Wow, it’s really coming together! I can’t wait to see it all painted red (I did notice that you painted the garage already).

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