They grow up so fast

Well, spring has finally sprung and it’s a great feeling! The only sad part about the change of season is that our goat kids, who were born in February, are already ready to fly the coop. They’re 8 weeks old now and eating solid food (while sneaking swigs from their mothers, of course) and they are more than ready to move on.

Actually, we are keeping the one female (Beauty) but we sold the three males (Beast, Bolt and Biscuit) about 4 weeks ago. They are going to become pets to a nice family in Norwich!

Now that the weather is nice, they’re running all over the place! At their new home in Norwich, they are going to have 5 acres of pasture to romp across. We are very happy for them!

We are going to miss them, too. They’ve become a staple on the farm. When you look across the yard to see them leaping and skipping in their pen, it always provides a smile.

(Below: Beast is a good eater, just like his mama).

Thankfully we are able to keep one of them, our little Beauty cutie (the pure white one below). That means that next year we will, Lord willing, have 4 mama goats and lots of goats milk. We are hoping to start a “herdshare” program to sell the milk next year!

(Below: We love her pointy ears!)

While it is hard to part with our farm’s first goat kids, we are very happy with how things turned out, and thankful for the fun time we had with them.

Bye little guy! Have fun at your new home!

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  1. I am glad you did too, Buma! Luckily you will have a more permanent bundle of joy to play with before too long! 🙂

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