The Product

We are currently selling baked goods, including:

  • custom granola (any flavor customizable to your dietary needs)
  •  fruit pies
  • cookie trays
  • fudge
  • fruit preserves and jam

For a complete list of available products go to the Available Products page, or you can Contact Us  with any questions.

The Story

We discussed selling baked goods from the outset of our planning, and it soon became a definite. Farms that we visited all raved about the bakery business and said that it was a must. The biggest obstacle was and is getting a kitchen approved to sell the things we make. While we are working on installing a commercial kitchen (5 year plan), there is an exemption for home processors to make certain baked goods in their own kitchen to sell. In June of 2015, we received our Home Processor certification! Cathy and Rachel are currently heading up the bakery business, and they both have been practicing to the delight of those of us lucky to be around them.

 ( see our blog entry regarding the bakery business at Hust Roost Farm )


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