IMG_0277The Products

We hope to get our own bee hives up and thriving again soon, but in the meantime we currently have local honey available thanks to our friends from Berkshire Hills Honey Bee Farm (Bob and Vinnie Finch). You can check out what is available (and place an order) here.

The Story

Dad said he wanted no part of the bees, but even he wholeheartedly agreed that they would be a great addition to the farm. So Tom, Rachel, and Casey became the beekeepers. We immediately realized that it would be a lot more fun than we had anticipated the day that we set them up. We have had our share of ups and downs with them, including losing our hives (while of course learning how to help them survive next time) and getting lots of honey out of the hives. We are planning on giving it another go this spring.

( see our blog entry regarding bees at Hust Roost Farm )


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