Fruit Trees

IMG_0280The Product

When we first moved down from Rochester, we planted 21 fruit trees (12 apple, 5 peach, 4 cheery). They have gotten bigger each year, and we are eagerly, yet patiently, waiting for the days when they are producing fruit for friends of our farm and ourselves to enjoy.

The Story

From the beginning, we were always planning on having fruit trees. It was just a matter of what type, how many, and where they were going. The layout of the farm basically answered the where question, as there is a large, sunny yard behind the old, white house. We started off planting mostly apple trees (zestar, honeycrisp, macoun, crispin, golden delicious, and winesap) and a couple peach and cherry trees. At some point, we would like to add a couple of apricot trees, and I think we would all like to add a few trees to our orchard as we go.

( see our blog entry regarding fruit trees at Hust Roost Farm )



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