Garden Produce

The Product

Stop by our farm to buy fresh produce right out of the garden, or join our Weekly Produce Program to get weekly boxes of produce from our farm and from other NY/PA farms! Details about the Weekly Produce Program are available here.

The Story

My Grandpa started his garden somewhere around 1960. My father grew up gardening with him, and I grew up gardening with him and my father. In preparation for the opening of the Hust Roost Farm, we have expanded the two gardens behind our houses so that they cover almost 5,000 square feet. Through raised beds and compost, we are looking to maximize the output and nutritional value of our gardens. We have planted several blueberry bushes, strawberry plants, grape vines and raspberries, and we hope to build a greenhouse soon.

( see our blog entry regarding gardening at Hust Roost Farms )



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