We currently have 3 nubian does (Rosie, Pepper, and Cami). The girls are a favorite on the farm. They love anyone that will hand them something green to eat! We attempted to breed them in the fall and are hopeful that it worked. If it was successful, there will be some goat kids bouncing around in the spring and we will be milking the girls. At least at first, we plan on drinking the goat milk for ourselves and trying our hand at cheeses and soaps. We are hopeful to be able to offer some goat milk products in the future, but we have some experimenting to do first.


( see our blog entry regarding goats at Hust Roost Farm )



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  1. I know that I and many of my friends are big goat cheese lovers! But as I’ll be living at a distance from you (albeit a much lesser distance soon enough!), I could only purchase cheese when I visit 🙂 But I imagine there may be small restaurant owners in the Binghamton area whose customers would prefer fresh, local goat cheese. Th goat milk soap sounds great too!

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