Laying Hens


The Products

Farm-fresh brown eggs. Our chickens free range during the day, and we supplement that with chicken feed. Eggs are collected several times a day and guaranteed to be fresh. For more information, click here .

The Story

Tyler started the chicken adventure at the Hust household. He pestered our father (Joe) until he gave in, and Tyler got some chicks. We raised them in Grandpa’s garage, and soon found that we needed to build a coop… fast. Well, we did, and we built a feeder and got our hands on an old set of nesting boxes. At some point within the next year, Tyler moved away, leaving Dad in charge of the chickens. Lo and behold, when those ones started getting old and his inheritance from Tyler was nearing its end, he bought new chicks! We have been keeping chickens and enjoying fresh eggs ever since. Now we have over 100 laying hens!!!

( see our blog entry regarding chickens at Hust Roost Farm )



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