Meat Chickens

IMG_0009The Product

We have whole chickens available for $3/pound. The birds are hatched here from our own eggs, where we can ensure that their lifestyle is healthy and unadulterated. The birds free range and have supplemental chicken feed. They are usually a little over 3 pounds once we get them all ready to be cooked. Then we package them in vacuum sealed bags and freeze them. If you are interested in purchasing chicken from us, you can stop by the farm to pick it up, or you can click here to contact us.

The Story

When we first got chickens, we got about 30 straight run, which means you don’t know the genders until they get older. We ended up butchering the roosters, which comprised of roughly half, and had our first barbecue. It was a bit of work, but wow! We have been happy to eat and barbecue our delectable chicken ever since! We have gotten much better at the butchering process, and New York state allows a farm to butcher up to 1000 poultry on site before any regulations come into effect, so we are able to butcher and process our chickens for our customers. We hatch all of our own chicks and raise them right here on the farm.

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