The Product

We currently sell rabbits (mostly New Zealand White). To contact us regarding prices and availability, click here. They are great for meat and breeding, and even pets if you get them when they are young enough. Rabbit meat is very healthy for you, as it has almost no cholesterol, lower fat than other meats, fewer calories than other meats, and highly digestible proteins. It is often recommended for people who have heart problems, who are trying to lose weight, trying to build muscle, who struggle digesting meat, and elderly folks. We have also been working on tanning rabbit furs with an eye towards making mittens for the store.

The Story

When we first thought about trying rabbits, we had doubts about whether or not there was a market for it. However, many sources seemed to indicate surprise at just how good the market was. Combining that with our learning of the health benefits of rabbit meat, we decided that we would give them a go… and boy are we glad we did! They are Delicious (notice the capital D).

( see our blog entry regarding rabbits at Hust Roost Farm )


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