Older Laying Hens/Stewing Hens


The Product

From the middle of the summer through the fall, we have 2.5 year old Rhode Island Red hens available. These hens are still laying (just not as productively as the younger hens), so they can be kept for laying purposes, or they can be butchered as stewing hens. Since they are a little older, they are substantially cheaper than new laying hens or our meat birds. If you are interested in stewing hens, you can click here to contact us.

The Story

When the productivity of our laying birds drops to a point where it would be in our best interest to replace them, we have typically sold them to somebody who would like to have some chickens and is happy if the bird lays a few eggs a week. Sometimes, we have used them as stewing hens. Since they are older, they need to be boiled down a bit, but we try to waste as little as possible. Luckily, chicken and biscuits is a favorite meal around here. As we hatch new chickens each year, our older hens are one of the products that are made available.

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