Summer Produce Program Customer Survey

Thank you for signing up for the 2017 Summer Produce Program. In order to help us understand what types of produce our customers prefer, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out the following survey. When you are finished, please click SEND at the bottom of the page.

Your Name (optional) :

If it were up to you, how often would you like to see the following produce items in the weekly box?

Asparagus         AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Beans, Green      AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Beans, Yellow     AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Beets             AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Broccoli          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Brussels Sprouts  AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Cabbage           AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Carrots           AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Cauliflower       AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Celery            AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Corn, Sweet       AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Cucumbers         AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Eggplant          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Garlic            AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Kale              AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Lettuce           AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Onions            AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Parsnips          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Peppers, Sweet    AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Peppers, Hot      AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Peas              AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Potatoes          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Potatoes, Sweet   AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Radishes          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Rhubarb           AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Spinach           AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Squash, Acorn     AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Squash, Butternut AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Squash, Spaghetti AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Tomatoes          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Turnips           AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever
Zucchini          AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionallyNever

Are there any items that we might not think of that you are particularly interested in?

Do you have any other feedback/suggestions for us regarding the Weekly Produce Program?