The Product

Home-grown tilapia. We have yet to determine when we will start producing this product, but we will keep this site posted as we delve deeper into the fishy waters.

The Story

This was one of those where one of us said, “Hey, I saw something kind of weird on a farm site I visited…” Next thing you know, the rest of us are saying, “We could totally do that.” We have rough plans for it and have done some research, but it is definitely still in the concept phase. For a quick breakdown, you get a couple of breeders that you keep in fish tanks, and then you put the babies in pools (a lot of people use kiddie pools), make sure they have enough food, and harvest them in a few months. The kicker: they are accustomed to a warmer climate, so the water temperature has to stay above 70 and preferably in the 80’s. Our idea for this is to put the pools in a greenhouse and heat that greenhouse with the outdoor furnace we just put in. Again, this idea is still in the concept phase, and all we can really say about the tilapia project is a vague… “We’ll see.”

( see our blog entry regarding tilapia at Hust Roost Farm )


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