The Product

Vermiculture is basically a big word for worm farming,  which means we will be offering live bait and some of the best composted soil there is. We may be selling these products as early as this summer, but that will depend on how much of them we use for ourselves and our animals (chickens love worms!).

The Story

Every reference we had seen to worm farming only said good things, but we still didn’t look into it for quite some time… and then we did. Wow! It is cheap, self-sustaining, and easy— what a great combination! You get a setup for the worms, buy a few of the right type (usually red wigglers) to get started, and then they eat through compost and manure, leaving behind literally the best possible soil you could imagine. They reproduce at a fast rate as well, making it so that we can expand, sell the worms, or feed them to the chickens and/or tilapia. We plan on setting this up in the spring and hope to reap benefits shortly after.

( see our blog entry regarding vermiculture at Hust Roost Farm )


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