Weekly Produce Program

Early Season Option

If you are interested in receiving quality produce before the New York growing season starts, the Early Season option of our Weekly Produce Program may be for you. Since we have decided to use Mento Produce out of Syracuse to augment our own farm’s produce, we now have the option to supply produce earlier (and perhaps later) in the season than would otherwise be available.  Prior to the start of NY State produce availability, Mento gets produce from a number of southern locations.  Most of their produce comes from Florida, California, and Arizona, although a few things come from Mexico and South America in the earlier part of the year.  Once the NY growing season kicks in, all of our produce will be from local, NYS farms (including some from our own Hust Roost Farm!).

The following are the benefits of the early season produce option:

  • higher quality, fresher produce than what you can find in a grocery store (shipped from farm to Mento overnight and delivered to us the next day)
  • produce options that are not yet in season locally
  • the convenience of not having to shop for fresh produce
Note:  The cost of early season produce is usually higher due to shipping costs (from further South).




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