Weekly Produce Program


How do I sign up?

You sign up for the Weekly Produce Program online. Once you have completed the online sign up form, you will be presented with a survey which helps us keep track of what produce our customers prefer.

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Where does our produce come from?

While some of our produce comes from our own gardens, in order to keep up with demand, in 2017 we began working with Mento Produce out of Syracuse. Mento has a great reputation for providing fresh, high quality produce from NYS farms. Click here for more information about Mento Produce and the local farms that they use.

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When does the Weekly Produce Program start?

The regular season program (providing local, NYS produce) will begin in early-to-mid-June and continue throughout the summer. There is also an Early Season Option available that will start in mid-to-late April. The early-season produce will not be from NY state, but it will still be a fresher option than what you find at the local grocery store.

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