The Weekly Produce Program

General Announcement

We are very excited to announce the start of our new 2017 Weekly Produce Program which we are offering to our customers this year! This program is designed to connect the community to fresh produce from our own farm as well as select farms in NY state (see where we get our produce). As we continue to expand and develop this program, our goal is to always provide the following benefits to our customers and our families:

  • convenience
  • fresh, local produce
  • reasonable prices
  • healthier eating
  • support of local NYS farmers

You can read all about how the program works on our website. You can also check out our March, 2017 blog post announcing the program.

Whether you want to make the commitment of ordering a weekly produce box (enjoying our MEMBER privileges), or you just want the option of ordering a box when you feel like it (as a GUEST), you can sign up here.

Please refer to the following pages (also available from the Weekly Produce Program drop down menu at the top of our page) for detailed information about our Weekly Produce Program :







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