Weekly Produce Program

Where We Get Our Produce

In 2016, we ran our first C.S.A. as a trial run and we limited it to 10 customers. As we looked to expand our Weekly Produce Program to a greater number in 2017, it became obvious that we needed a source for additional produce to supplement the Hust Roost gardens. After many calls and emails and much investigation, we chose Mento Produce (Syracuse, NY) as our local produce distributor.


Mento is a family-owned and operated business that takes great pride in the produce which they supply.  Because of this, Mento Produce insists that all of their produce suppliers be USDA GAP- certified.

By using Mento, we will not only be able to supply much more locally grown, NY-state produce during the NY growing season, but we will also be able to offer produce from out-of-state prior to the NY growing season (see Early Season Option).

Here is a list of NYS farms where Mento gets local produce from during the NY-state growing season (along with links to their websites):

Mento Growers Map

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