Who Are the Hust Roosters?


The Hust Roosters comprise three generations of the Hust family, living and working together on the same homestead. We would love to meet you in person and would love to have you visit the farm!

Here are some quick introductions/who we are:

Joe Hust is a semi-retired IBM computer programmer who is excited to spend his retirement years building up the family farm. He is the planner, researcher, list maker, and project manager at the farm. He makes sure we do it right!

Cathy Hust is married to Joe and is the hardest worker you’ll ever meet! She has a great laugh, too. Cathy is our garden manager and baker of treats.

Casey Hust is Joe’s son and the friendliest guy you’ll meet. There isn’t a person who can’t get along with Casey. Casey is the get-things-done guy at the farm. He makes sure that all of the projects keep moving and actually get done!

Rachel Hust is Casey’s wife, originally from Rochester, NY–but she adores Glen Aubrey, NY. Rachel is our marketing and store manager, and also helps with the bakery.

Grandpa Harold Hust is the patriarch of  it all. The original owner of the property, planter of the gardens, and father of the workers. He keeps his eye on us to make sure we are always doing our jobs. He really enjoys watching it all come together! (even if he sometimes thinks we’re a little bit crazy) 😉

We can’t wait to meet YOU!


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