Who Are the Hust Roosters?


Hust Roost Farm comprises four generations of the Hust family, living and working together on a small farm in the heart of the small town of Glen Aubrey, NY. The farm was born in 2014 when the family decided to turn backyard hobbies into a small business that would bless their local community. Read more about the vision and background story here. Now meet the members of the Hust family:

Joe is a semi-retired IBM programmer who is looking forward to retirement, working on the farm and enjoying his grandchildren.

Cathy is married to Joe. She drives school bus for the Maine Endwell school district and spends the rest of her time working in the garden, organizing our produce program, and baking delicious treats. She also enjoys relaxing with Joe and their cat, Floyd.

Casey is Joe’s son. He also drives bus for the Maine Endwell school district and spends the rest of his time maintaining the farm and working on new projects. When he’s not outside working, you can usually find him spending time with his wife and baby girl!

Rachel is Casey’s wife. She met and married Casey in Rochester, NY where she is from. She works for Smokey Legend Gourmet BBQ as an events coordinator and cares for their new baby daughter, Eliza.

Eliza Joyce was born on August 23rd, 2017 and brought a bundle of love and joy to the farm. She keeps our lives busy and our hearts full! She loves people and learning and we hope she loves growing up on the farm.

Grandpa Harold Hust is the patriarch of the family. He has lived in Glen Aubrey since he was thirteen years old and on this property since the 1950s. He has always been an avid gardener and has taught us most of what we know in that area. He enjoys watching our shenanigans and watching the farm grow.

Now that’s you’ve met us, we want to get to know you! Please come and visit any time!


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