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Spring Goals: the Store’s Exterior

The “before” picture, the current exterior of the Farm Store.

It is always exciting to me when we undertake an exterior aspect of the store. Don’t get me wrong, the interior is exciting too (the whole thing is exciting to me!), but the outside of the store adds an aspect of immediate visibility to the general public. We can work for weeks on the inside of the store, and then we work on one exterior project for 2 hours, and I get a dozen comments from people that have driven by and taken notice. Well, it is now the season for exterior work! It is time to give the good people of Glen Aubrey something to look at as they pass our store.

We have a lot of goals lined up for the outside of the store this summer, and we hope they all add up to us being completely finished with the exterior before the weather cools. Naturally, I think that all of these goals are achievable. My heart and mind tell me that there is no reason why they shouldn’t be… but experience tells me that I should work hard and not take it for granted that these goals will come to fruition in a timely manner.

So, without further delay, here is the summer schedule for the exterior of the store:

1) Finish clearing the yard around the store. We already did the large majority of it, but there is still an old tree to cut up as well as a scrap metal pile and wood pile to make go away.

2) Cut the window and door holes in the Tyvek.

3) Build the deck for the front of the store. This will be where people enter and come up to the ice cream window. I plan on starting to dig holes for the posts for this in the next week or two.

4) Finish the roof. We still have to put up the new metal roof on the front side of the store (the back is finished) and then we have to put up the ridge vent and gable trim. I get the feeling that this would have been nice to finish it all at once instead of trying to remember this year exactly what we were doing. Alas, mother nature denied our request late last fall.

5) Put gravel down in front of the deck for the parking lot. Actually, we will need to fill in and roll out the hills and valleys first, but you get the idea. We plan to put a parking area of crushed stone in front of the store.

6) Put up the siding (board and batten) on the exterior of the store. She’s gonna look nice.

7) Paint/stain the board and batten.

8) Stand in our new driveway looking at the exterior of the store and feel a sense of accomplishment.

9) Go get ice cream.

There you have it. If we can do all of those things, the outside of the store will really be shaping up. We are excited to make it happen. If you see us out working, don’t hesitate to stop in and say hi or give us a honk with your horn as you pass by. We may not see who it is, but we’ll still wave.

Farm Store Update

It has been a little while since we have given an update on how the store is coming, but I can assure you that we have been working on it the whole time. The progress can sometimes seem slow, but when we look back at it, there is certainly progress to be seen.

Last time we gave an update, we had just finished installing all of the new doors and windows. We promptly covered up everything with Tyvek. This wrap protects the house from the elements and adds a small element of insulation for heating purposes.

At some point in the coming months, we will cut the Tyvek around the windows in preparation for putting up siding to finish the exterior. When we get to this, we will also Tyvek the peaks of the walls before siding them as well.

Here (above) you can see the back end of the store which is a little bit more finished. If you were to walk up the steps of that porch in the middle, you would enter our future commercial kitchen (formerly the garage).

This is where we have spent the vast majority of our time over the last few weeks. Some of the differences a casual observer may notice include the existence of a floor now, as well as the insulation on the walls and the drywall on the ceiling.
We are very excited to be nearing the completion of the kitchen, but as you can see, we still have a bit of work to do. Next on our list is to finish putting drywall on the walls, then put the lights in, as well hook up the electrical outlets. Then we have to hook up that shiny sink under the window and put our heater in. At some point, all of this drywall needs to be spackled and painted as well. Then comes the floor…. after all of that I think the room itself (though empty of appliances and whatnot) will be a finished product.
At that point, we can walk up and out of the kitchen to go work on our store’s exterior (exit to the right) or we can walk one more step up into the main area of the store to get working on that. Let’s get to it!

Quick Pic Update: Windows and Doors

Starting this past fall, we have been working our way around the house replacing or filling in all the old windows of the store that were not in good enough shape to keep. If it was a nice day and we had more than a couple of hours, we would knock off another window. All told, we replaced or filled in 11 windows!

The hardest ones to replace, which are my favorites, are the big picture windows that face the road. We had to special order these, and putting them in required us to largely rebuild the side of the house, which was probably a good thing because the previous picture windows had let some water in and caused some rot.

You can see where the steps led to the old door

The biggest change that we made while doing this was the location of the front door. We filled in the old one that faced the road and put a brand new one on the side of the store that faces the parking area.

Come spring, we will build a deck to reach up to the door and the ice cream window, which is the window just to the left of the ladder

Now that we are done with all of the windows, we plan on wrapping tyvek around the house this weekend, and then we will be done with the exterior until the weather gets better. So for now, we can put our efforts into the inside of the store.
P.S.- If we are lucky , next week’s blog post will be about the birth of the baby goats (with pictures!).

A Look Inside: The Store Floorplan

Hi everyone, happy 2017 to you! We’re back to the blog, and back to the grind, after a busy holiday week. Well, really we were working pretty hard last week too (between holiday shindigs) because everyone had the week off and we had things to get things done! We are feeling really excited for the year ahead, especially for the opening of the farm store in late summer/early fall! There is still so, so much work to be done, but with those night/midday/weekend hours, as Gramps would say, “We’re gaining!”

Here is a snapshot of the greater goal, the thing that keeps us going when putting in the hours…

Below you see the future front of the store, really the side of the original house, which will have a deck, ice cream window on the left and entry door on the right (new doors and windows are currently being shipped in the mail!)

The future front of the store, which will have a deck, entrance, and ice cream window.

Inside here you can see the ice cream window again (this time on the right of the picture) which will open behind the front counter. (You can see here the skeleton of the counter, currently being used as a work bench!) Behind the counter is where we will have the ice cream cooler, coffee maker, and any other things we need for prepared foods.

The future front-counter, next to the ice cream window.

Behind the counter, there is the entrance into the old garage, which is being transformed into a commercial kitchen. This kitchen is needed in order to legally sell prepared foods in the store. We will just have the basic requirements at first, and later on we may add more appliances.

The “old garage” is being transformed into the commercial kitchen!

Then we have the wide open store “common area.” This open space is a really exciting space to us, full of possibilities. Right now we plan to have some fresh produce, local products, and unique gifts on display in the room, with a bookshelf for our lending library and a few small tables and chairs in front of the windows where people can sit down with their coffee, baked goods, or whatever else is on the menu. 🙂 Anything you folks want to see?

The wide-open store common area, full of possibilities.

Finally, we have our two enclosed rooms in the back of the store.

The future refrigeration room (L) and special display room (R).

One of them will become the refrigeration room for eggs, meat, and dairy. The other room will probably become some sort of special display room which will highlight certain handmade gifts… What exactly will be displayed? You’ll have to wait and see!

Hopefully this has gotten you excited to come to our store! That’s the real goal of it all, which makes us way more excited than seeing any of this come together…. having people there! Hope to see you there THIS year. Until then, be well! 🙂

Love, the Hust Family

Building a Store Phase 1: The Race to Winter

Hello friends, family, neighbors! And a special hello to those who have been following our blog since day 1 and have been wondering where we vanished to for the past 7 months! To be honest, we are wondering the same thing! Where did that time go?! To help us process that very question, and to update all who are interested, we will be publishing a weekly blog post about the farm projects (and ideas) which have been brewin’ over the past several months.

The Race to Winter

I think that we had a similar blog title last year (Oh, yes, we did The Hustle And Bustle While the Leaves Still Rustle LOL) and I assume that this will become a yearly tradition as New Yorkian farmers, bustling around during the 5 warm months of the year to finish projects that we can’t (or would really rather not) do when the snow comes around!

This year, the hustle has a special anticipation. As the past 2 years have progressed since the farm was born, all of our thoughts have been culminating towards a singular dream: opening a farm store. “A farm store, like a feed and tack store?” you might ask. Not to disappoint the local farmers, but… not that. Instead, we are envisioning a Mom-and-Pop store of sorts,  a small general store with a community focus.  What exactly will it contain? We have our ideas but we will be working hard to figure all of that out! Stay tuned to the blog and catch up on some of our past posts (herehere, and here).


Before we start daydreaming about the possibilities, we have a lot of manual labor to do. With the Phase 0 already complete (demolition) we have been working on Phase 1 of building the frame into a functional store. Here are some of the projects we have been working to complete before winter rolls in.

#1. Closing off the Commercial Kitchen. As you can see below, we are closing in the one-stall garage which juts off from the back of the store. In addition to walling it off, we also raised the inside floor. This new “room” is going to be our commercial kitchen, which will start off very simple with the basic legal necessities like a 3-base sink. Having a commercial kitchen will allow us to sell prepared foods at our store like baked good, coffee, smoothies, etc!


#2. The Porch. As with every project, there is bare-minimum we want to complete and a lofty goal to shoot for. So far we have the bare-minimum porch completed with steps leading up to the new kitchen (see below).


The lofty goal is to purchase and install a front door and ice cream window at the front of the store. Then, next year, we will work on building that porch.

Entrance door will be on the right with the ice cream window on the left.

#3. Some plumbing and heating. Our family had an outdoor wood-burning furnace installed 2 years ago. You wouldn’t think an outdoor furnace piping hot water under the ground would be very efficient, but this is the age of technology we live in! Right now, the furnace heats both of our houses, and next it will heat the store. To connect the store to the heat, we need to connect heating lines from our house’s basement to the store. First, Casey dug down and chiseled holes in the concrete foundations (literally, chiseled). In the process of digging, we found the well and got someone to come and look at it. We needed a new water pump, so we got that…


P1070155   img_0964

The next step (whenever the weather decides to hold out) is to have Uncle Scott come with his backhoe and dig a trench for the water lines. Here is he digging up our yard 2 years ago. Having fun, Uncle Scott?


#4. The Roof? We put a question mark here because this is not an absolute must-do before the winter, but it sure would be nice to knock off of our spring to-do list. (IF the store is going to open next summer. . .) We recently had some estimates made for getting the roof re-shingled but they were less than satisfying! Instead, we are going to do it ourselves, but to make things a whole lot easier we are installing a tin roof. Can you guess what color the roof is going to be???

And there we have Phase 1.0. Please pray for weather and energy to complete these tasks before heading to Phase 2! Also, pray pray pray for God’s wisdom in guiding our ideas and efforts this winter.

As of this morning, it looks like winter has already beat us here, but still, we keep the forward charge….


We will keep you updated. 🙂 May He bless you and keep you in His strength!